Due to the current conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are suspending registrations for all of our remaining events for 2020. Starting with our Pacifica Summit Run on 9/12/20, there are three remaining events on our 2020 schedule. For now, however, we think it is only realistic to not collect registration fees when the future of all events remains uncertain.

At this time, we do not plan to cancel or postpone any of our remaining 2020 scheduled events starting with the Pacifica Summit event on September 12 and we will continue to take precautions to provide the safest event possible. We have been closely monitoring the information published by park services and local health department officials and we are frequently re-assessing the situation. We will be distributing all food and drink directly to participants and staff and volunteers will be wearing protective masks and gloves at all times. We encourage people with compromised immune systems, current illness, parents with infants/toddlers, and the very elderly with health issues to consider staying home if they registered for one of our events, as those are the populations that appear to be susceptible to the dangers of the virus. Most importantly, entrants who are feeling sick, or even a tickle of the throat or a budding cough, should stay at home.

COVID-19 UPDATE (7/16/20)

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